Faction List

The Hand of the Shadow: The Government

The Deathless One: The Emperor
The Ebon Watchers: Divination Mages
The Ebon Guard: The Elite Guard
The Wardens: The Town Guard
The Duskrunners: The Government Scouts
The Initiates of the Shadowed Mind The Government Inquisitors

The Hoard: Dragons
The Hoard’s Favored: Kobolds, Dragon Worshipers

The Magus Guild: All Spellcasters
The Elemental Ring: Elemental Mages and outsiders
The Holy Order: Divine Spellcasters and outsiders
The Pit: Evil Outsiders and Divine Spellcasters
The Cloud: Good Outsiders and Divine Spellcasters

The Bringers: Necromancers, Warlocks, Summoners, Evil spellcasters

The Slums: Kobolds, Goblins, Slaves, etc.

The Black Cloak: Thieves, Rogues, Bandits
The Twisted Blade: Assassins, Murderers,
The Farmlands: Slaves, Slave-wardens
The Mines: Dwarves, Subterranian Races, etc.

The Collective: Middle Class

The Crafters Guild: Crafters
The Merchants Assosiation: Merchants
Slave Masters: Slavers, Slave Traders, Etc.

The Loyals: Nobles

The Duelist College: Rangers, Swashbucklers
The Musician’s College: Bards, Preformers
The Academy: Scientists, Archeologists, etc.

The Grove: Druids, Elves, Fey Creatures
The Shattered Vial: Failed Experiments, Aberrations, Plants, Monsterous Humanoids

The Overgrowth: Plant Creatures
The Mistake: Abberations
The Boiling Pot: Monsterous Humanoids

The Zoo: Animals, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Ooze, Vermin
The Moonstriken: Lycanthropes
The Faceless Ones: Shapeshifters, Dopplegangers, Etc.
The Resistance: Those who desire change
The Dawn Treaders: The rebels of the past, the last surviving known member is John Hope.

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