Enshadowed Cityscape

First Session

So for our first session, the PCs, as slaves, were freed from their farm by their own prowess and the work of a hidden druid-like character and a charismatic member of the old Dawn Treaders. They then proceeded to gather the rest of the slaves and form a rebellion with a temporary headquarters in the sewer system of The City. There they found themselves fed by a strange and mysterious workforce that never made itself known. The party’s druid was able to find himself sheets from the home of the old farm-owner’s bed and get them sown into a workable toga. He used this to make a disguise and enter the city through the sewer grating in order to buy supplies. Now that the party didn’t look like escaped slaves, they were free to walk about the city as they wished. The same man who got the toga decided to attempt to buy a better headquarters, this time one in an abandoned tavern, and was shown entry to a castle owned by the master of real-estate. After a very interesting conversation in the presence of some strange beast and a court jester it was determined that papers of citizenship were required for buying property. Quickly, the druid searched out the local thieves guild and took out a loan, with interest, to buy forged papers from them. They also gave him a quest to feed their guild for which the druid was happy to comply by setting up a trade route between them and The City. Once the papers were displayed to the chief of real-estate, they successfully bought a new headquarters in the market district. The party then decided to liberate another farm, this time running into more difficulty as the owner of the house was present and was accompanied by his personal guard. Our quick-witted rogue was able to take care of one of the stupid ogres while the rest of the party dealt with guards, a slave-master, and an ogre of their own. The rogue also ran into an insane little girl who was quite a competent spell-caster and was quite happy taking out the guards of her own house. At the end of the battle, the owners of the city disappeared with a flash along with a mysterious cloaked figure. The party returned to the city with a new load of volunteer slaves.

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