The Chaotic Orb


This orb casts Undetectable Alignment upon the holder, and it, when activated, it has 10 differant things that could happen, like the Rod of Wonder.
01-10 Summons 1d20 Tiny sized animals. (Mice, Ravens, Beetles, etc.)
11-20 Alters users vision, 10 minute duration. (Changes everything red, blue, Turns everything on its side, etc.)
21-30 Melt user, 1d2 Acid damage
31-40 Shock user, 1d2 Electricity damage.
41-50 Burn user, 1d2 Fire damage.
51-60 Freeze user, 1d2 Cold damage.
61-70 As Sleep, Unaffected HD, Duration 10 minutes, no save.
71-80 As Enlarge Person, lasts 10 min, no save.
81-90 As Reduce Person, lasts 10 min, no save.
91-100 Heals user, 1d4 damage cured, no save.

Anyone not of a Chaotic Alignment takes 1d6 Elemental damage, either;
01-25 Acid
26-50 Frost
51-75 Fire
76-100 Electricity


No-one knows who or what manner of thing created this confusing orb, and it seems to throw off any divinations thrown upon its self. Some people guess it created its self, because no sane person would have.

The Chaotic Orb

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