Sewer Base

Overgrown Sewer Base


One Well, large section of farmland, two apple trees, one large desk, 20 “beds”, sparing area, and two bookcases. Within the shroom temple;(DC 40 Knowledge Nature and Search) One Treant and two shambling mounds. 19 “light” spells active at all times, 5 Shrooms, three Lifeblood and two Tricklights. Right outside of the front door is a section of sewer, one way leading out of the city walls, the other leading into a large area of sewer, with connections all throughout the city.


While use to be a monastery to the shrooms to worship their plant-like Gods, this large open area is now home to the only five remaining shrooms in existence, and the Resistance. Guarding the entrance to the inner sanctum are three rapidly maturing shrooms, hopping to through off any attackers of a backroom.

Sewer Base

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