Enshadowed Orb of Rebirth


Material in dark ritual, causes all levels in a character to be reset. In combat, every round there is a 1 % chance that something against their will and usually evil happens, and in social settings every hour there is a 1 % chance of the same problem. However, anyone handling this who is not of an evil alignment or is able to cast at least two Necromantic spells per day takes 1d6 Negative Energy Damage, However, you must be living to get this damage dealt.


When used in a dark ritual, this orb can rebirth someone, allowing for them to chose a different path in life. However, when the darkness infuses into them, they sometimes go in an uncontrollable state, not knowing or even remembering what they did. This orb is an artifact of Destera, and is her life force.

Enshadowed Orb of Rebirth

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