Masquerade Ball


Nobles Attending: Lady Sandra Evamore, Lady Venessa Rivatha, Lord Alexander Talwind, Lord Kirrvac Hudson, Lord Celthric Toriella, Lady Arryn Toriella, Lord Kaldar Sances, Lady Gwen Sances, Lord Mythil Romanek, Lady Kira Romanek, Lord Pixdale Kearney, Lord Raysdan Bekenwood, Lady Laura Tressa, Lady Amanda Smith. Lady Scarlet Rivatha>, Lord Waxawillion Firestar>, Lustig Verschatten Unheil>.
Others Attending: Alexander’s Jester, Aberus, Warden Watch^, The Watcher^.
(Key, > is PC, ^ is there, but unnoticed (DC 50 Spot and Listen), or guard.)

Plot Points: Lord Begen Tutori’s Black Powder Factory, Misc Nobles conversation; Chaotic Statue, Lady Sandra Evermore; Magic Piano, Jester;

Misc Happenings: 1 TB Assassin and 10 TB Initiates try to assassinate Alexander, he is already aware however, and his pet joins in at first round of combat, using only nonlethal on leader so Alex can get info on whoever did it; One Initiate of the Shadowed Mind asking around the nobility;


Masquerade Ball

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