Lord Begen Tutori's Black Powder Factory


Entrance: Size: 40 ft rectangle (2 squares by 4 squares) Lord Begen Tutori’s safe: Combo; 7,5,3,1. Incorrect combination causes a Poison Needle Trap to be set off, dealing 1 damage, and Blue Whinnis poison. Inside was 7000 gp, but they looted it earlier on. and a DC 30 Search Secret Door. The secret door is Iron, locked (DC 28), and magically trapped with Dispel Magic (Search DC 28, Disable DC 28).
Entry Hallway: Size: 105 ft Rectangle (3 squares by 7 squares) 4 Pendulum Axe traps 1d12 damage per, (Search DC 30, DC 30 Tumble to get through unscathed, disabled by activating pressure plate on other side). Two statues of Fighter at entrance to next room, equip with a long sword and a large shield. Immune to all magic cast upon it. Treasure in room: Search Check 25, 8 Garnets (50 gp apiece) embedded into blade of Pendulum Axe.
Commons Area: Size: 240 ft (6 squares by 8 squares) Portcullis Trap, Search DC 30 Disable Device 30). Activates on pressure plate step, and two sliding doors block off Portcullis. These walls are immune to all magic cast upon them. Four more statues are in this room, also looking like guards, all equip the same way, and immune to all magic cast upon it. There are three other doors in this room. Straight, Left, and Right. Left is the Bedrooms and Kitchen, Right is the Library and the Hidden Alcove, and Straight is the Testing Area, Storage Room, and the Laboratory. the left and right doors are unlocked, but the door straight is locked (Lock DC 50 or Key found in library), and hidden with Permanent Image (Requires Key to see through).
Bedroom: Size: 125 ft square (5 squares by 5 squares) 12 beds scattered about, 2 statues with same stats. No traps, Treasure: Search DC 25 1d12 Obsidian (100 gp apiece), and 1d100 gp.
Kitchen: Size: 120 ft Rectangle (4 squares by 6 squares) Large pit, boxes full of rotted meat, 2 more statues with same stats. Treasure: Search DC 30 1 Gold Knife, worth 500 gp. Trap on meat boxes, Hail of Needles Trap, 2d4 damage (Search DC 22 Disable Device DC 22).
Library: Size: 180 ft square (6 squares by 6 squares) Full of illegible books, desks, candles, etc. One of the books, (Search DC 20) when pulled, opens a sliding door into the Hidden Alcove. Inside each of the 4 desks are a drawn, each trapped with a arrow trap, 1d6 + 1d6 fire damage (DC 20 search and Disable Device) Inside are 1d10 pp per desk.
Hidden Alcove: Size: 10 ft rectangle (1 square by 2 squares) Deathless One Altar (DC 20 Knowledge Religion), Opening the door releases Insanity Mist, DC 15 fort save, 1d4 wis initial, 2d6 wis secondary. A holy symbol sits on the altar, and it sells for 1000 gp. (DC 25 appraise).
Testing Area: Size: 250 ft rectangle (10 squares by 5 squares) In this room are 5 Troglodytes Alchemists, equip with 2 black powder bombs each. After the fight, there is a door at the far side of the room, which it locked and trapped with a falling block trap, (Lock DC 25, Search DC 20, Disable Device 25). There are also two more statues in this room, each holding a Greataxe in their hands.
Laboratory: 60 ft rectangle (3 squares by 4 squares) Size: Large work table, full of alchemy ingredients, tools, etc. Two more Troglodytes, each with 2 Black Powder Bombs.
Trapped Hallway: Size: 105 ft Rectangle (3 squares by 7 squares) In this 30 feet long hallway, there is a series of traps, (DC 40 search, DC 25 Disable Device x4) (5 40 ft pit traps, 1 Poison Gas Trap, 6 Hail of Needle Traps, and 4 Pendulum Axe Traps). A lever at the end of the hall stops all traps in the hall form activating.
Storage Room: Size: 80 ft square (4 squares by 4 squares) In this room are lots of boxes, Barrels, and the Statue. There are 1d4 barrels of good black powder, and 4d100 gp in the boxes. There is more black powder, but it is all wet and destroyed. When they grab the Statue, all statues in the Dungeon animate and head back to the front door to guard it. there is also a click in the distance, and the way out opens again.
Final Fight: Size:(same as Commons Area) 10 Swordsmen statues, 4 Magi statues, 1 Cleric statue, 2 Barbarian statues, 2 Bomber statues, 2 Ranger statues. Treasure: 21 black soul gems.



Entrance: This Iron Safe is large enough to accommodate up to around 8 people inside of it. It seems to be recently looted of all money however. (If they find the secret door) You find a small handhold on the wall, and when pulled, a part of the wall slides to the side, exposing a rundown hallway.
Entry Hall: This rundown hallway looks like no one has walked this way for at least a year. At the end, there are two threatening looking statues, looking ready to strike. (When trap found) You notice 8 slits on the walls. (When trap activates) Suddenly, 4 axes slip from slits in the walls, swinging back and forth, almost too fast to see.
Commons Area: In this room, there are four more of the threatening statues, in each of the four corners. There are benches around the room, and a fountain in the center, with a dark murky water within it. There is a door to the left an right. There is also a bacony above the room, around the room, with a ladder up straight across from the fromt. (When trap activate) Behind you, you hear a clanging of iron on stone, and you turn around only to see a Portcullis fall, to be hidden by sliding doors blocking your sight. (When they have the key) You see a door appear in front of your very eyes. The key in your hand vibrates a little, and then flies to the door, unlocking it.
Bedroom: In this room are 12 beds, all in differing states of decay, but seem like they have been used recently. In this room are 2 more Statues, same pose as the last ones. There is also a additional door in this room, however it has fallen to decay and only the hinges and a small part of wood remains.
Kitchen: in this room there is a large pit in the ground, and there are embers of a large fire that was cooking there. There are boxes of rotting meat and other undefinable things lying about, and a few humanoid skeletons. There are also 2 Statues in this room, standing at the door, threatening as ever. (When trap activate) When you look through the boxes of meat, looking for something worthwhile, a barrage of needles fly from the wall, piercing your skin and damaging your self esteem.
Library: In this large room, there are walls of bookcases, full of old, moldy books. There are desks, chairs, and burnt-out candles everywhere, but it doesn’t look like its been used for a year at least. Standing next to the walls are 4 statues, each with a quarterstaff or a large book in their hands. (When Hidden Alcove book pulled) A part of the wall slides over, revealing a small room. (When trap sprung in desk) When you budge the drawer open, a arrow launches out at you, ripping at your skin and burning your flesh.
Hidden Alcove: Inside this small room is a Altar with a statue standing over from behind the altar. It looks like a robed man, praying to their diety. Upon the altar are two candles, still burning. You also see a key, lying next to the Altar. The smell of incense and… Something else that dwells in here. (After passing Knowledge check) You realize the altar in here is to the Deathless One, and the Symbol is of him. (After passing appraise) You realize this Symbol is worth a lot of money, at least 1000 gp.
Testing Area: In this large cavern-like room, five humanoids sit in the dark, tossing something at targets of humans, houses, animals, ect. Most of the targets are all but destroyed. As the light from the commons area flows in they look over, a look of disgust appears on their faces. After the fight, you see that there are also two more statues in this room, each holding a Greataxe in their hands.
Laboratory: In this dank, moldy smelling room, there is a long table, full of tools, ingredients, and many more unidentifiable things lying about. Two more Troglodytes stand there, bickering until you enter. Then, they leap behind a small wall and attack. There are two statues in this room, each holding a large orb in their hands.
Trapped Hallway: This long hallway is void of almost anything. At the end there is a door and two more statues, each with a bow. On the door there is a lever, in the up position. (Pressure Plate Activated) Suddenly, the whole hallway springs to life, and traps spring in everywhere.
Storage Room: In this room is tons and tons of boxes, barrels, etc. And in the center is a peculiar Statue sitting on a pedestal. (When they grab statue) You hear a click in the distance, and iron grating on iron. The portcullis is open again.
Final Fight: As you head back to the front to exit, you notice that the statues are all missing form their spots. When you get back to the Commons Area, you see them all there, standing in formation, preparing for you. When you see them, they do not move to attack you. they seem to be waiting for something… (when they try to move past them) They suddenly lash out and attack you! (Roll Initiative) (When they kill them all) Inside of the heads, there are pitch black gems. There is something swirling inside of them, like it is trying to escape.

Lord Begen Tutori's Black Powder Factory

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