Clock Tower


Floor one: There are three tables, each with a symbol on them, One a Cloud with lightning, One a Red Moon, and One with a Shining Star. If activated in the right order, Star, Moon, Cloud, the stairs will open downwards. If activated in the wrong order, the last touched symbol will control the action. (1d6 Shock damage for lightning, 1d6 fire for red moon, and 1d10 round blind for star). Once downward lever is activated, the reverse of the order will open stairs up. Also within the room are 1d10 Chokers (8 HD) and the same amount of Carrion Crawlers (4 HD), their pets. A battle can be avoided by bribing then 1d20 gp per Choker or by some other form of payment. There is a small chance they can be talked into joining the resistance, one way is paying them 1000 gp per.

Basement: Within the basement is 1 Chuul, 1 Umber Hulk, 1d4 Ettercap with twice as many medium monstrous spiders. In the back is a Scroll with a riddle upon it. The riddle says, (What is not enough for one, Just right for two, Too much for three? a Secret) Saying the answer of the riddle aloud causes a lever to flip, causing the second part of the first combination to be able to activate. Saying the incorrect answer will activate a poison needle trap, (DMG pg 115).

Balcony: On this floor, there are four tables. Three with a rune, and one with the scroll. On the scroll, there is a riddle to finding the way up to the platform; (Voiceless it cries, wingless it flutters, lifeless it dies, bodiless it shudders. What is it? Wind). If answered correctly, the points point towards each other. If incorrect, they point away, summoning 1d3 Gricks.

Clock Tower Platform: Up on this raised platform, a Cloaker rests near two Mimics, two WIll-o’-Wisp, and 1d4 Eyeball Beholderkin. After the fight, the real chest is shown, holding 10d100x10 Gold, and two minor magic items, costing no more than 6000 gp each.


Clock Tower

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