Enshadowed Cityscape

Third Session

In our third session, Caleb was invited to a ball, and decided to bring Chris and Rhett as backup, just in case. On there way there, they run into The Watcher, and after getting on the ground and under a dire Crocodile, he explains to them that he was sent there to kill them, but right now, he doesn’t really want to. So they head into the ball, and Caleb meets his “Mother”, Lady Venessa Rivatha. While there, Caleb is also met by a messenger, giving him a request to be in the jury for an upcoming trial. Meanwhile, Rebecca was meeting with the towns “Undesirables”. The next day, Chris, Rebecca and Rhett are all sentenced to a trial that very day, which happened to be the same trial that Caleb was in the jury for. When they got there, there old slave master and the masters from the farm they attacked where the opposes, while Alexander, the man who sold Chris the tavern was on there side. After a long debate, Grand Inquisitor Theodore came in, saying that this was a matter of national security. After talking circles around him, the PC’s got him to leave, screaming that he would be back. Lord Begen Tutori decided that this was not going well, and he challenged Chris to a Duel. It was suppose to happen the very next day, however Chris faked sick, and got the time extended to 3 days later, in which time Rhett crafted magical items, and Caleb bought the clock tower, and Rebecca started her life as an author. Then, the dual. Chris decided to buff up before the fight, but it seems that Lord Begen Tutori decided to also. Lord Begen Tutori, after being almost being killed off by Chris, decided it was time for outside help. With the help of the Fazzad’s magic, he was transformed into a hydra. The fight ended with the PCs being victorious, killing Lord Begen and having the Fazzads run away with a well placed teleport. They the PCs where said to be not guilty, and they had a week of free time on there hands.



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