Enshadowed Cityscape

Second Session

In our second session, it started with Chris heading back to the slave market he was sold at. He scouted it out, finding three elf slaves, selling for 1000 gp each. Not wanting to pay the full price, he started formulating a escape plan for them. Meanwhile, Caleb, wanting to join the academy, got an errand to get a mystical bobble from the old, broken clock tower. Rhett crafted his homunculus, preparing for later adventures. Later that night Chris, Rhett, and Caleb all raided the Slave Market. Together, they freed three elven maidens, and a vengeful ogre. They also freed a mysterious man (Lord William Fazzad), who when out of the cage, immediately attacked them. They got away with killing seven watch and two snipers, however they could only loot four watch and two snipers. While this all happened, Rebecca joined the Magus Guild and got in to talk with a high leveled Necromancer who would help her realize her true path if she would get a special black orb form the old clock tower. The very next day, they all headed out to the clock tower, which was only ticking sporadically. Within the first room, they spotted 5 chokers and their carrion crawler pets. They bribed them to get a hint on the was of moving from this room, and made their way downwards, only to be attacked by a hoard of creatures. After killing all but one Ettercap, who begged for its life, they solved the second riddle and made their way upwards, to the final riddle, which they solved after only the second guess. Caleb, sneaking headed up to scout out the last floor, got caught by the boss, a Cloaker and had to have the party head up to save him. After a prolonged battle, the Cloaker died and only a Will-o’-wisp survived by fleeing. They found a chest within the Cloaker which held 5,530 gp and a circlet of Persuasion, and a Bag of holding. Rebecca noticed that outside the clock face, the same man who kept showing up was there again, only to disappear. On their way out, the chokers brought forward that they where mercenaries, and could be bought for 1000 gp a piece and that the PCs where always welcome back at their clock tower. Rebecca ended up buying two of the Chokers. When they all left to head home, they heard the clock tower tick again, in rhythm.



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